It seems quite impossible to eat health at restaurants like Qdoba because of the processed food, the great amounts of sodium, meat from animals raised improperly, genetically-modified food products, etc.

However, despite all these dangers, you can still find some really non-fat and low-calories dishes at fast food restaurants that are worth trying. Although this type of dishes doesn’t have anything in common with nutritious eating, it turns out that there are good options and you can find some healthy and luscious meals.

Here are some of the wisest meals you can eat at Qdoba:

Qdoba Healthy Food Choices

Actually, you can hardly assume Qdoba offers healthy and nourishing food that combines a few important features: it is delicious; it provides energy and doesn’t cause weight gain. The truth is there are still some nice alternatives that you can opt for if you are struggling to consume low-fat food.

Before we list the particular meals, let us first check the greatest advantages and disadvantages of Qdoba:

Qdoba’s Advantages

  • It has a nice online menu that gives you the opportunity to quickly and conveniently check all nutritional data prior to visiting the place.
  • They offer a great assortment of vegetable toppings for your meals. Another great benefit is the fajita veggies that are really delicious.
  • The place seems a bit fancier than other such fast food chain restaurants.

Qdoba’s Disadvantages

  • Most feasts are characterized by some kind of misleading healthiness as they are trying to suggest you can order a burrito and make it quite healthy by supplementing it with brown rice.
  • The toppings they offer contain lots of calories. Avoid all kinds of cheese, sour creams and guacamoles because they stimulate quick weight gain.
  • Most of the meals are genuine junk food containing lots of calories and processed products.

Suitable and Healthy Meals at Qdoba

The food offered by such restaurant can’t be defined as 100% healthy but the meals listed below are quite good. It is advisable to check the nutritional data about the food you are planning to consume before visiting the restaurant.

Chicken tortilla soup – it has 160 calories and the level of fat is 8 for a small dish. All amounts are doubled if you go for the large one. Avoid any toppings.

Tacos made of soft tortilla flour, beef, salsa roja, chile corn, fajita veggies and lettuce is also a good choice. A single taco has 195 calories and the level of fat is 6. You are advised to order four tacos and eat half of them immediately, keeping the other half for the next day. Thus, you meal will be won’t turn into a calorie bomb.

Taco Salad – the dish contains chicken meat, black beans, ranch without fats, corn salsa, fajita veggies and salsa verde. It amounts 345 calories and the level of fat is 12. The mango salad is also nice.

Meals to Avoid

Qdoba is famous for its huge burritos, nachos with queso and quesadillas but if you want to maintain a healthy and balance diet, these dishes aren’t for you.

3 Cheese Nachos with beef, black beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream topping has 1,035 calories and the level of fat is 52.

Queso Burrito with grilled steak, rice, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream topping has 1285 calories and its level of fat is 55.

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla that contains grilled chicken, salsa, cheese and sour cream topping has 1095 calories and the level of fat reaches 64.

So, if you are a fan of Mexican food, it is better to prepare it home, using quality and healthy ingredients. You can find some really nice recipes in the internet to try. It is actually possible to have a low-fat and low-calorie meals at Qdoba but it requires a detailed research and great self control to choose the healthiest options they offer.